Jam of the Day | Griffin House – River City Lights

A couple weeks ago, Katie interviewed Griffin House for Speakers in Code, and we learned a little bit about House’s new album, The Learner. It’s a fine album, probably House’s best to date; it rocks, it sways, and it relaxes in all the right places.

There’s more than one song that stands out for me, but today’s JOTD does a little bit of everything. “River City Lights” takes me back to the innocent days when there were no plans, no bills to pay, and no thoughts of fixed mortgages. Of course, those days still had girls, the kind that are hard to find, the kind that steal your mind for weeks. The kind that just slip in and out of your memory, and eventually, out of your life.

The kind you still think about today.

Like House sings, “That’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

Griffin House – River City Lights

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