Jam of the Day | Grimes – Oblivion

Canadian singer Grimes (AKA Claire Boucher) has a new record, entitled Visions, coming out tomorrow (4AD). Early spins of Visions indicate that Grimes has zeroed in on a unique musical alcove; beat-heavy electro-pop that consistently toes the line between dreaminess and darkness, the familiar and the odd. The lead single “Oblivion” kicks off with a primitive synth beat that pervades the track and serves as the fitting complement to her ethereal vocal stylings. “Oblivion” is heavy, nimble, sexy, and strange all at the same time, and that varied mix is definitely working for Ms. Boucher.

Pre-order/purchase Visions here. Stream the entire record here. Listen to and download “Oblivion” below, sans fee.

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