Photos + Words | Lord Huron with Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges | All photos by Kristen Abigail
 With the release of their second album, Lord Huron stopped by the Ryman with Leon Bridges for a beautiful yet energetic set. 
Leon Bridges, a 25 year old soul singer, has been making huge waves across the country with his nostalgic lyrics and swift moves on stage. A short 30 minute set at the Mother Church led to a standing ovation and then a sold out performance in Nashville the day after. With only the release of a few singles, his debut album Coming Home is highly anticipated for its June 23 release date through Columbia Records. 
Lord Huron took the stage starting the set off with “Love Like Ghosts” from their new record Strange Trails. Further into the night a few enthusiastic Lord Huron fans started dancing especially when the hit single “She Lit A Fire”, from their debut record Lonesome Dreams, was played. Throughout the set, frontman Ben Schneider would give the audience the chills because of how beautifully smooth his voice was with the rest of the band behind him. The sophomore slump is definitely not impacting Lord Huron. Their second record sounds like a continuation into the musical and aesthetic journey that Lord Huron has embarked on, with even more gorgeous folk rock instrumentations. 
Lord Huron and Leon Bridges will continue to tour throughout this fall with many tour stops including Austin City Limits in October. Please enjoy these photos by Kristen Abigail below.


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