Jam of the Day | Heidi Feek – Trail Pop

Photo by Ashley Boyd Jones

Heidi Feek, who’s from Nashville and prepping a full-length record to be out in 2015, has produced what’s my first favorite song of 2015 in “Trail Pop”. If Enrico Morricone made electronica crossed with country pop and ’60s Phil Spector Wall of Sound production, it would sound like this song, with Feek’s gorgeous, smooth vocals over the top of it. The song is paired with a psychedelic video that’s something out of a great acid trip in the ’70s, and the whole thing reminds me of driving across West Texas back in September.

“Trail Pop” is a perfect song about missing someone, and the half-focused, half-muted images of the video match it perfectly. If you’re missing somebody today, this song is for you. If you like Westerns, this song is for you. If you like things that are awesome, this song is for you.

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