Jam of the Day | The History of Apple Pie – Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?

A quick Bing search for the term “history of apple pie” reveals that in 1381 – 14th century apple pies were very different from today’s pie, as they didn’t contain sugar and the pastry parts, called coffins for some reason, were generally not meant to be eaten. The coffins were meant to be used as a container only. Sugar during the 14th century, you see, was available, but was very scarce and extremely expensive. Huh, no shit.

This, of course, has nothing to do with our Jam of the Day, other than a plausible glimpse into the history of the naming of The History of Apple Pie.  And it especially has nothing to do with their new single, “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine,” other than the fact that both pie crust and song contain little to no sweetener. The song, as you’ll hear, is another peg down a badass sonic ladder that they placed us upon last year, with the release of their debut LP, Out of View.

Check it out below – and pick up the single for “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?” at your local record store on 10/14.

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