Jam of the Day | Flosstradamus – Underground Anthem

Ever look around a meeting and wonder what’s going on inside the heads of the people who surround you? They appear to be mentally present, and cognizant of the meaning of the words they are nodding their heads to, but I have a feeling that most of them are either: A) recounting the previous night’s debauchery and wishing they were in bed at the moment nursing the hangover currently plaguing them, B) thinking of the growing list of to-dos that are mounting, both personally and professionally, while they sit in a cramped meeting room listening to someone talk about something no one cares about, or C) subliminally dropping the needle down on an imaginary record in their head, drowning out the sounds that everyone is hearing, but no one is comprehending.

While I pay attention to 99.9% of the words said in meetings (insurance just in case the boss is reading), the other .1% of the time our Jam of the Day, “Underground Anthem,” plays on repeat in my head, as I imagine everyone in the room getting on the table, jerking out those bobby pins and cufflinks, and busting a move, turning that business meeting into a biz-nass meeting.

See if it gets you moving, even if it’s just mentally, by clicking below.

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