Jam of the Day | Jesse Thomas – You I Want

How did I fuck this up?
I should have held my tongue.

I usually say nothing or blurt out entirely too much. I’m sure many of you can relate — you know, the perfect formula for a common disaster. I don’t know the meaning of  “just enough.”

Singer-songwriter Jesse Thomas seems to have that same kind of mentality, and that’s sort of why I love her. Today’s JOTD shows off Thomas’ lyrical tendency to say whatever is on her mind, and still go after the prize. Sung over a catchy melody, Thomas’ twenty-something-year-old voice sounds a bit weathered, like she’s told this story a thousand times, which is probably true.

Fresh off her performances at SXSW, Thomas’ future is looking bright and cheery these days. Have a listen to “You I Want,” off her debut Hazel EP, below.

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