Jam of the Day | Jill Andrews – The Mirror

But I know there is light
Even in the shadows
Wherever the sun goes
I will follow, too

Last year, I got divorced. Never thought it would happen to me, but things change, and people change. Mostly, everything changes when you’re married, whether you like it or not. And it all happens so damn fast.

I bring this up because today’s JOTD makes me happy. It’s a song about the search for independence after you choose to leave the darkness. It’s about years of struggling, listening to your heart, and then breaking free. It’s much more than simply about breaking mirrors and obtaining bad luck.

Shadows. Mirrors. Reflections. Choices. It’s about all of those things.

Here’s the thing — not everyone is a leader. We’re always told to be confident in moments of struggle, when the reality is that it takes years of struggle to build confidence.You don’t always get what you want the first time around. Jill Andrews is a songwriter who understands this; she writes beautiful songs about the separation between darkness and light, and how we all face a decision about living in the moment. Because, after all, there is always a choice.

Jill Andrews – The Mirror

Jill Andrews’ first full-length album, The Mirror, drops June 7th. 

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