Jam of the Day | Jillette Johnson – Pauvre Coeur

But God forbid you would get angry
I had to dive out of the way
You’d be gunning for me blindly
And there was nothing I could say

I’m not quite sure where to start with this song, and perhaps that’s because of its immediacy and dark beauty. 23-year-old Jillette Johnson is a songwriter you should know because of the way she sings, and the way she raises her leg when she plays piano. Her words? They raise themselves.

Johnson’s video for today’s Jam of the Day, “Pauvre Coeur,” which you can view below, is instant cinema, and is probably better than any two-hour film you’ve recently had to endure. If this is your introduction, get comfy, because you’ll be staying a while. Her debut EP, Whiskey & Frosting, is available now.

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