Jam of the Day | John Davey – Spent

We here at SIC have watched a few of our music-babies grow up right before our eyes. And while we’re absent parents most of the time, just visiting these kids when either convenient or prompted to, that doesn’t mean in the least that we don’t love ’em just like the day the popped, all doe-eyed and bloody from this blog’s womb.

John was born to our blog way back in 2012, and oh MY how he’s changed while we’ve been running around sewing our oats!  The early recordings we heard carried the same knack for melody and space, but two years have apparently granted him some production skills as well.  What seemed to be forming ideas last-go-round are fully formed here, and they sound lush and lively.

 “Spent” is a shining example of this. Playful, with a tiny lyrical twang, Davey’s phrasing takes center stage, rounding out what is just about the perfect early fall, windows down song here in the south.

Check it out below, and then pre-order his LP, Living Is Trying, here — it’s out October 7th via Dilated Times.

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