Jam of the Day | Josh Rouse – I Will Live On Islands

As you read this, I am lying on the beach in St. Lucia, enjoying the second full day of my long-awaited honeymoon. I do not feel bad about rubbing this in your face. I am so in need of a week with nothing but a beach, a book, and an umbrella drink in hand at all times.

Josh Rouse hails from the Midwest, but as of late, he’s taken to writing songs in Spanish with an international flair. To paraphrase Mr. Rouse, he says that what he’s doing musically just feels right.

His song, “I Will Live On Islands,” definitely feels right for my week in tropical bliss, a vacation from reality, seven days to get my mind right. Hopefully, it will transport you to your happy place, too.

Josh Rouse – I Will Live On Islands

El Turista is out now. Stream the album in its entirety below. Preferably, with an umbrella drink in hand.

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