Dots Not Feathers | Pajammy Jam of the Day – Come Back to Bed

Tomorrow is the big day. Dots Not Feathers will release its brand spankin’ new EP, Come Back to Bed, at Off Broadway for the Speakers in Code-hosted party. And, you are all invited.

Today, we’re excited to premiere the title track off the band’s new collection of tunes.

Dots Not Feathers – Come Back to Bed

“Come Back to Bed” is an extension of the band’s notable indie-folk, but this time around, Dots Not Feathers incorporates the faint glow of electro chimes and buzzes (a la early William Fitzsimmons or here-and-now The Lighthouse and the Whaler) into the mix.

The track begins with the haunting sound of a crystal train pulling into the station, which is an appropriate metaphor for a song about the things we know as home: the semi-permanent roots that invisibly tie us to tangible locations, the DNA that unavoidably figures into the functioning of our human circuit boards.

Ultimately, “Come Back to Bed” ends exactly where it begins: letter writing, a plane trip, contemplating the idea of home. Be it the adventuring of beautifully layered brass or a bold change of perspective, the song – and our personal journeys – quite often come full circle despite everything that happens in between the start and the finish.

Join us tomorrow night, won’t you? Brooklynites Clare Burson and Peter Bradley Adams will also be taking the stage. $10 gets you in the door, and the music starts at 8 PM.

You can also preview tomorrow night’s action with a special tag team in-store performance by Burson and Adams at Vintage Vinyl Tuesday at 5 PM.

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