Jam of the Day | Kathryn Calder – Who Are You?

New Pornos’ permi-member (she sings Neko’s parts when the redheaded power vocalist is away on business, so you know she’s for real) and frequent solo artist, Kathryn Calder, came correct with her sophomore album Bright and Vivid, released in October.

We first caught wind of Calder going it alone in May 2010 with the release of Are You My Mother?, recorded while Calder was caring for her sick mother. While we wouldn’t categorize that first effort as sad necessarily, we would venture to say that Bright and Vivid, well, is a titch bit more bright and vivid. (Apologies for the gratuitous use of italics, folks. I had a point to make.)

Take, for example, today’s Jam of the Day, the single “Who Are You?” It’s a synth-poppy wonder that officially takes flight, thanks to Calder’s airy vocals. Ethereal and almost-operatic bridges intermittently break up the the more hardy dance beats, an aural tug-of-war that’s difficult to ignore. Go on and give it a listen below.

PS – Calder will play a Speakers in Code-sponsored show in Saint Louis at Cicero’s on December 13th with Himalayan Bear supporting. It all begins at 8:00 PM. Get your tickets HERE.

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