Jam of the Day | Pearl Jam – The Fixer

Today’s JOTD is hugely inspired by last night’s Pearl Jam show in St. Louis (which also featured opener Band of Horses…I’ll have more on that tomorrow). For the most part, I stopped “following” Pearl Jam after 2000, mainly because I couldn’t stand the Binaural album (minus “Light Years,” which I believe is a great song). And you know how it goes when one of your favorite bands starts to “lose it;” in your mind, you sort of give up, or you simply find new bands/artists that sound better and fresher to your ears.

But after last night, I’ll be the first to say that I’ve probably missed out on some great PJ shows over the last decade or so. Yeah, writing that makes me feel old, but like Lester Burnham told us in the great movie, American Beauty, “it’s never too late to get it back.”

Here’s “The Fixer” off of PJ’s latest, Backspacer.

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