Jam of the Day | Lilac Shadows – Turn It Off

One of the truly best things about living in North Carolina is that there’s never a lack – nay, never nothing less than a wealth – of new songs from new bands or old favorites. “Turn It Off” is from an old friend of SiC, Lilac Shadows, and it’s one side of a cassingle – yes, a cassingle – that Lilac Shadows made with their Greensboro tourmates Jenny Besetzt.

Lilac Shadows has always made fuzzy, dreamy psych-pop, but before this, as frontman Sam Logan said to me in an email, it’s tended towards the 6 minute drifting jam. This is the same kind of layered, thoughtful psych-pop, but it’s condensed into 4 minutes, and the band is better for it. Logan croons, you better turn it on so you can turn it off over keyboards and distorted guitars, and if that doesn’t hook into your brain, you’re a stronger person than I.

It’s a fuzzy hazy summer full moon kind of song, bright light late at night, the kind of light that falls through windows open to catch a breeze, when it’s too hot to sleep and bright enough to feel like day. “Turn It Off” is the kind of song that gets you up out of your bed to have an adventure, and don’t let anybody tell you nothing good ever happens after midnight.

Take this song as your guide, and plenty of good things will happen.

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