Jam of the Day | Lost in the Trees – Lady in White

Change is nothing new for Chapel Hill darlings Lost in the Trees, and after two albums of symphonic chamber folk the band has undergone its most dramatic reinvention yet. Led by the Berklee educated Ari Picker, LitT have become known for their intricate harmonies and orchestral arrangements, but it would seem that Picker developed a hankering for rock n’ roll that just couldn’t be satisfied in the current band context.

I saw the band debut a set of entirely new material while at Phuzzphest this past April, and despite the absence of the once prominent string section, the addition of a second guitarist filled out the sound for the new tunes nicely. There’s a distinct Radiohead-esque vibe, with a heavy focus on rhythmic stability, while maintaining an odd-meter intricacy that is really exciting to see performed live. The first track off what I assume will be a forthcoming LP is called “Lady in White” and it’s everything you ever loved about Lost in the Trees, just with a little more atmosphere and wicked guitar.

Time to get excited!

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