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Well, the time is upon us, folks. This weekend, the 2011 Riverfront Times Music Showcase will rock on with its bad self down on Washington Avenue, and this year, the line-up is Jessica Rabbit stacked. We took a minute to sit down with the RFT’s music blog editor, Kiernan Maletsky, to get some guidance on this year’s showcase. And maybe we’ve been watching too much of The Price Is Right, but this interview leans a little game show. We made Maletsky think hard, y’all.

SIC: Ok! So, as the new(ish) fearless leader of the RFT music blog, A to Z, this is your first ever RFT Music Showcase. How ’bout that famous icebreaker, Two Truths and a Lie? You tell us two facts about yourself that are TRUE and include one fact that is a LIE, hence the name Two Truths and a Lie. We’ll try to pick the lie.

KM: I was (briefly) in a band that covered both Pavement and Garth Brooks. I was once fired from a coffee shop for refusing to refill the honey bear unless my douchebag boss could figure out how to ask me in the active voice rather than the passive. I hate Fall Out Boy. Specifically “Sugar, We’re Going Down.”
SIC: The Fall Out Boy one is SUCH a red herring, but I’m falling for it. That’s the lie, right?

KM: That’s the lie! Mystery may not be my strong suit.

SIC: The douchebag boss one was just so detailed. If that wasn’t true, I’d tell you to write a book. Now, let’s play Trump the Twitters: tell us in 100 characters or less what we can expect at this year’s Showcase. (Yes, we are going to count!)

KM: You will hear St. Louis music: the story of this city being told in some 78 languages and dialects.
SIC: Ooh, very nice. Finally, it’s graduation time. Nostalgia for tassel turning and senior superlatives is in the air. So, fill in the blanks for us…

What RFT Music Showcase artist is…

Most Likely to Make You Drop It Like It’s Hot? Jay Fay

Most Likely to Melt Your Face with Guitar? Warm Jets USA

Most Likely to Conjure Angels with His/Her Voice? Teresajenee 

Most Likely to Bust Out 42 Different Instruments During a Set? Theodore

Most Likely to Have a Groupie Following 50 Teenage Girls Deep? Matt Harnish of Bunnygrunt

Most Likely to Make You Fall in Love with the Stranger Standing Next to You? Née

Most Likely to Make You Wanna Drink Whiskey? Borean Dusk

Most Likely to Induce Audience Member Chills? Pretty Little Empire

Most Likely to Make You Wanna Take [Guitar/Piano/Violin/Drum] Lessons? Black James (banjo lessons)

Kiernan, thanks so much for playing. Audience, remember to have your pets spayed and neutered. And, go on and rock the vote for your favorite Saint Louis bands in the 2011 Riverfront Times Music Showcase Reader’s Poll before it’s too late! 

See you Saturday at the RFT Showcase. 

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