Jam of the Day | Luke Winslow-King – You Don’t Know Better Than Me

Photo courtesy of Bloodshot Records

New Orleans singer/songwriter Luke Winslow-King is getting ready to drop his debut album with Bloodshot Records, and he lead off with this great track. Winslow-King’s whole album fuses a number of New Orleans musical traditions together, and this is a slight sounding song, with light guitars and distant drums and Winslow-King’s drawl, but when you listen closely, it’s a song about the trials of living in New Orleans, and how to live with them.

The whole record is lovely, but I particularly adore this track, a quietly serious paean to making your own way that shuffles its way in a modest sort of way, right up to the ending, which is rich with horns and slide guitar, and a force in Winslow-King’s voice that says he means what he sings.

Stream “You Don’t Know Better Than Me” below, and pick up The Coming Tide next Tuesday.

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