Interactive Video | Arcade Fire – ‘The Wilderness Downtown’

Yesterday, the an interactive music video for the song, “We Used to Wait,” and it’s it’s just about the coolest damn thing I have ever seen.

At the beginning of the experience, you’ll be asked to enter the house where you were raised.  Given I grew up in the sticks, I entered my college address, and it all damn near made me cry. If you want my exact experience, just enter 1035 Bonham Ave. in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The clip requires Google Chrome, even though it TECHNICALLY worked in Safari, but after downloading Chrome, I totally see why they recommend it. Everything ran much smoother the second time around with the new browser. And if you have an older PC/Mac, go ahead and quit everything that’s open, given it sucks up every last bit of processor you have.

“We Used to Wait” can be found on Arcade Fire‘s latest album, The Suburbsof course, and if you haven’t gotten that then you should probably just walk out whatever door you’re behind and go buy it.

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