Jam of the Day | Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

Swedish pop-rock-tart Lykke Li impressed critics and enthralled listeners with her infectious 2008 debut Youth Novels. Wounded Rhymes, Lykke’s second LP, will be released on March 1st in the U.S. (on her own LL records). A couple of months ago, she offered up the sexy “Get Some” as a tasty morsel to hold fans over until March. Little did we know, there would be another musical appetizer before the main course this spring.

“I Follow Rivers” is an ominous, bass-driven pop song tinged with Lykke’s smoky, echoed vocals. The lyrics speak of a relentless pursuit prompted by matters of the heart. “You’re my river running high, run deep run wild. I, I follow, I follow you deep sea baby, I follow you.” The sentiment is not all that different from The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” but here it is infinitely less creepy and somewhat endearing. Lykke is not stalker-ish here, she’s loyal, dedicated, and persistent. The result is an assertive single that will resonate well in our headphones until Lykke’s record drops.

Check out “I Follow Rivers” below. Continue waiting in anticipation. Buy Wounded Rhymes in March.

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