Jam of the Day | Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End

Vocals, many times, are like those unsightly blemishes that seem to pop out at the most inopportune moments. Many times, they’re either hidden below the musical equivalent of Revlon concealer, or altered so dramatically said owner of those vocals couldn’t replicate the tracked studio majic (see what I did there) if he/she gave it their all in a live setting.

Then there are the artists who hold those vocals up proudly — much Rafiki holding up Simba in the Lion King, Majical Clouds’ Devon Walsh knows he has something special hidden in his larynx, and he’s not afraid to belt that shit out. And combined with the almost creepy synths laid down by Matthew Otto – the music takes on this ominous vibe that is far more Hitchcock that Disney. So strike that reference above.

Check out our Jam of the Day, “Childhood’s End,”  and then check them out as they open for Youth Lagoon throughout May.  We’ll be seeing them Saturday night at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. 

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