Jam of the Day | Lydia Loveless – Boy Crazy

Photo by Paula Masters Travis

Lydia Loveless is brash, crude, smart-mouthed, self-assured, confident, talented — everything I’d like to be, even though I think I have a decade on the cowpunk singer/songwriter to have gotten there. “Boy Crazy” is an anthem to everything that every woman thinks about her crushes, especially the inappropriate ones; it’s an anthem to bad ideas and badder actions, and it’s furious, bass-heavy, and unapologetic.

“Boy Crazy”, the title track from her new EP — out now on Bloodshot Records, previewing her future second LP — is a bad idea in and of itself, a catchy chorus and no I’m-sorries for the bad things we ladies do on the dance floor and in bars.

I think it’s gonna be my anthem for 2014, if you don’t mind. Anybody going to join me?

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