Jam of the Day | Megafaun – These Words

Go see Megafaun live, and you will immediately understand what the entire Triangle has been…yeah I’m going to do it…”fawning” over in increasing fashion over the last few years. The boys, Phil & Brad Cook, and percussionist Joe Westerlund, have become local celebrities, immediately getting tables at the most popular restaurants, and roaming around with a posse of thugs that will eff you up if you approach or try to speak to them. There is even rumor that a hipster’s knee was broken in a savage beating after he went to King’s wearing a Love Language shirt.

And while most-to-all of that previous paragraph was not true, the fact remains that Megafaun is indeed one of the best damn bands around. And with this, the first track off the new album, their process, song craft, and raw energy come together in a wonderful electro-grass (just coined a new genre!) jam of goodness.

This is the sound that encapsulates the band, and hopefully the new record, Megafaun. It’s out September 20th on Hometapes

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