Jam of the Day | Megafaun – Volunteers

When trying to introduce Megafaun to the masses, it’s hard not to bring up the fact they were three of the four members of the Raleigh band DaYarmond Edison. Reason being – the fourth member of that band was Justin Vernon, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite indie-folkie Bon Iver.

But as our Jam of the Day illustrates, brothers Brad & Phil Cook and Joe Westerlund have headed down a different path than their fellow Eau Claire, Wisconsin native. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Volunteers” is full of plucking banjos, strumming guitars, the occasional harmonica hum, and lyrics like “Sunlight, silhouettes, dogwood trees, swaying all alone in the Carolina breeze.” So of course, I just love the hell out of it.

You will too. Check it out below. Then make sure to pick up their mini-LP Heretofore which will be released later this summer.

Megafaun – Volunteers

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