Jam of the Day | Molly Nilsson – I Hope You Die

Judging strictly by song title, Molly Nilsson’s “I Hope You Die” appears to be the perfect soundtrack to end a stressful week where existing problems went unsolved – and were only compounded – as new headaches presented themselves on the hourly. Hell, I even pulled out a pen and paper to start making a list of people to dedicate this song to.

Well, dammit, if that paper isn’t still blank…because this shit is a secret love song! CURSE YOU, CLEVER SWEDES! And not only is it a love song, but it’s an addictive love song, about loving someone so freaking much you hope you die when they do, so you can enter the ether at the exact same time. So sweet, in fact, it somehow made me feel like sending the individuals responsible for my agitation one of those tasty fruit bouquets.

Listen below, and pick up Molly’s LP, History, and other wares here.

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