Jam of the Day | Woven Bones – I’ve Gotta Get

Austin’s Woven Bones just made a smart move to Hardly Art (home of one of our fave folk duos, The Dutchess and the Duke). The trio will release a 7″ this year on the new label and is expected to release its second LP in 2011. The band will be peddling its 7″ wares on its upcoming U.S. tour beginning this month, but if they’re skipping your town (like they are mine), you can pick it up online.

The Jam of the Day is featured on that aforementioned 7″. (PS – Clearly, I want to see how many times I can write 7″ in this post). “I’ve Gotta Get” is a wild goose chase, a salivating animal on the heels of an innocent youngin’. Somewhere on the beach, I’ve decided. Otherwise, why would there be that distinct nod to surf rock on the track?

Andy Bones’ hollow lyrics provide a feeling of omniscience, further expanding the idea that you simply can’t escape Woven Bones – they’re everywhere. And maybe, probably, you don’t want to.

Woven Bones – I’ve Gotta Get

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