Jam of the Day | Naked Gods – Yoho

Sunday evening, for the first time in my life, I questioned the physical demands of the tambourine. Not only could all that to-and-fro shaking possibly tear a rotator cuff, but the incessant pounding could very well rupture the radial artery running through one’s wrist/palm area, causing a slow and painful death.

Seth Sullivan puts his life on the line nightly while fronting Naked Gods. He cares that much about the music, and you, dear reader. He’s willing to be the first man in history to die from blunt-force tambourine trauma.

So listen up below. “Yoho” is a shining example of how they walk that delicate line between classic, jangly indie-goodness, and those days-of-yore bands that loved to duel guitar-style. Picture a Silkworm/Allman Brothers joint venture. Yeah, that’s it.


Download the song here!

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