Jam of the Day + PREMIERE | Willie & the Giant – On The Corner

Today I’m thrilled to premiere a track from Nashville’s Willie and the Giant for the Jam of the Day; “On The Corner” draws from the same retro soul influences that “Ain’t Gonna Wait” (a JOTD last October) did, but it also brings some serious rock and roll guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Rolling Stones record. “On The Corner” lurches through a good old fashioned Southern love song, a good old fashioned Southern drinkin’ song, the kind of song I turn up too loud on my back porch after dark when the weather starts to get warm. A little seductive, a lot filthy, “On The Corner” is from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut full-length, out April 21 on Cumberland Brothers Records.

There’s so much great music drawing on traditional sounds flavored with fresh viewpoints and stellar songwriting coming out of the Southeast these days, it’s almost hard to keep up. Willie and the Giant are poised to blow up in the wake of this album, and it’s always fun to be in on the ground floor, isn’t it?

Check out “On The Corner” below, and pre-order Willie and the Giant right here. This time next year, you can tell all your friends you heard them first.

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