Jam of the Day | Priory – Lady of Late

Photo courtesy of Expunged Records

“I was born with a heart of stone/ until you came along/ and you broke my throne…”

You know what sucks? Purposely avoiding the lures of love, accidentally falling into it, and finally having your heart stomped flat by a dude in baseball cleats. Or a chick in stilettos. Either way.

That’s the saga that Priory’s “Lady of Late” tells (and, you have to keep in mind the title of the song, otherwise you might think that the terrifying Lady Elaine Fairchilde is the one doing the heart stomping). And the Portland foursome does so against a collection of sounds that ever-so-slightly dips a big toe in the indie-folk pond (after all, this is a Northwestern band). However, Priory favors the complexity of combining the electro with the acoustic, and “Lady of Late” is prominently backed with what I can best figure is an electric harmonica. Rock on.

Priory – Lady of Late

Priory is out now on Portland’s Expunged Records (home of Blind Pilot). The debut album is good, y’all. It’s time to be an early adopter.

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