Jam of the Day | Ray Toro – Isn’t That Something

Photo courtesy the artist’s website

I’m always interested in what musicians do in their projects after a high-profile prior project ends; how their music evolves, or doesn’t, what aspects from the first project carry on into the second.

“Isn’t That Something” is one of those follow-ups. Ray Toro, lately the lead guitarist of mid-aughts emo rock kings My Chemical Romance (and thusly one of the driving forces on their truly excellent 2007 rock opera The Black Parade), is making slightly fuzzed out, hook-filled, guitar power pop with just enough ’80s hair metal guitar solos to differentiate it from all the other hook-filled guitar power pop that’s getting made right now. “Isn’t That Something” is labeled a demo on Toro’s Soundcloud page, but you can stream it below, and the polish on it sure doesn’t sound like a demo. It sounds like Toro is going to make a truly excellent hook-filled guitar power pop record with some thrashy elements to it, and I’m pretty darn excited about that.

No news on a tour or an official release, but “Isn’t That Something” is something to hang a future on.

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