A Speakers Endorsed Show | Rockhouse Ramblers Reunion

If you’ve lived in Saint Louis for any significant amount of time, you probably remember a local rockabilly band called Rockhouse Ramblers. (KDHX claims, “In their day, [they were] the hottest honky tonk band” in the city). According to founder Kip Loui, from 1999 to 2005, the band “played pretty much every bar, nightclub, dance hall, performance space, and street corner in Saint Louis during that time,” and it was also successfully signed to a (now-defunct) indie label out of Tempe, Arizona.

The Rockhouse Ramblers, comprised of Dade Farrar (brother of Jay of Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo), John Horton (of The Bottle Rockets), Gary Hunt, Danny Kathriner, and Loui, put out two albums in that time span, but the pressures of endless touring eventually broke up the band, right after a third album on a different, larger label was recorded but unfortunately shelved.

However, now that album, Lies And Damn Lies, is gonna see the light of day. You can help the guys dust it off and celebrate at the CD release party and reunion show for all five original Rockhouse Ramblers this Friday the 13th at Blueberry Hill. Very special guest, Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets, will open the show.

Lies And Damn Lies contains 12 tracks, 11 originals and 1 cover of “Bubbles In The Glass,” a Liz Anderson classic. The album will be available for purchase at the show and is up now on iTunes.

Doors at 8 PM, and the show kicks off at 9 PM. Tickets are $8. A portion of the proceeds benefit your favorite independent radio station and mine, KDHX. It’s guaranteed fun for huge fans and newcomers alike.

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