Jam of the Day | Sonny and the Sunsets – Too Young To Burn

After spending some quality time on the West Coast last week and then stepping back into the blazing inferno-heated sauna that is the East Coast, I’ve been in dire need of something to mentally teleport me back to the land of mild summers and relatively no humidity.

Call it divine intervention, but our Jam of the Day by Sonny and the Sunsets just happened to be waiting in my inbox this morning. Thanks baby Jesus!

Channeling the classic stylings of Wayne Cochran & the C.C. Riders, “Too Young To Burn” is pure vintage-style west coast pop – telling a sordid tale of loss, regret, and otherworldly despair. And their debut LP, Tomorrow is Alright, radiates with a classic yet indefinable sound, almost like futuristic ’50s R&B.

Tomorrow is Alright is currently available on vinyl from Soft Abuse Records and will be released on CD and digitally via Fat Possum Records on August 31. Go ahead and get it.

Sonny and the Sunsets – Too Young to Burn

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