Jam of the Day | Thea Gilmore – Coming Back To You

Photo courtesy of the artist

British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore has been one of my under-the-radar favorites for nearly a decade now, since my dear friend Rosie gave me her 2001 stunner Rules For Jokers for my birthday in 2003 or 2004. “Coming Back To You” is the first single from Thea’s upcoming Ghosts + Graffiti. The video, cut from rehearsal and backstage footage of Thea, her band, and her family, is gauzy and haunted, paired with the driving drum beat of the song, the airy strings, and Thea’s world-weary and hopeful vocals.

It’s a song about the road, and the things that drive everyone — not just musicians — on a search for home. It’s lush and honest and, quite frankly, my favorite song of 2015 to date.

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