Preview | Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago [8/3 – 8/5]

Well, Chicago, it’s time for my first Lollapalooza. I think I’m ready. Crappy hotel for under $40/night? Check. Earplugs for Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath? Check. Expired vitamins fueling my adventure? Check. Clean clothes? We’re getting there.

Oh, and I have a plan. Sure, it’s soon to be demolished once I step foot in Grant Park. But dammit, I have a plan. And here she is.


First Aid Kit (12:00-12:45, Playstation stage)

How can you say no to Johanna Söderberg and Klara Söderberg? And their song “Emmylou“? Assuming I make it through the gates in time, I’ll gladly say yes.

Michael Kiwanuka (1:30-2:15, Playstation stage)

Hey, this is cool — the first two acts I want to see at the same stage, back-to-back. What are the odds? Wait, I don’t want to know. I just want to hear Kiwanuka sing that sweet soul.

Sharon Van Etten (3:00-4:00, Playstation stage)

Okay, clearly someone at Sony is playing games. Not funny, Sony! If this Playstation schedule holds up, I might just bring my air mattress and represent STL in fine fashion. Oh, and Ms. Van Etten? Please play “Give Out.

Blind Pilot (3:30-4:15, Google Play stage)

So much for that air mattress idea. Oh, and I meant to say, “please play “Give Out” early in your set, Ms. Van Etten.” Yeah, that’s what I meant. Can’t miss Blind Pilot in the sun. Or clouds. Or rain and wind. Shit, what am I getting myself into? “Hold up high how faint your reasons,” right?

Metric (4:00-5:00, Bud Light stage)

I’ve heard plenty about Emily Haines. Haven’t seen her, though. “Speed The Collapse” is amazing. Until I collapse on the first day of a three-day music festival. Just kidding. Hydrate, kids.

Helena (4:30-5:10, BMI stage)

Helena, you had me at “Sunlight.” Yes, you did.

Passion Pit (6:00-7:15, Bud Light stage)

Ohhh, I’ll take a walk back over to the Bud Light stage. A very slow walk. Maybe I’ll even eat something. In all seriousness, I hope Michael Angelakos is okay. Get well, please. 

Black Sabbath (8:05-10:00, Bud Light stage)

Can’t name more than three songs, but, it’s not every day that some form of Black Sabbath is playing at the festival you’re attending, so why not. God Bless America. 


Milo Greene (12:00-12:45, Playstation stage)

I’m more than a little obsessed with Milo Greene’s self-titled album. So much, that I’m going to wake up, eat breakfast, and make it downtown by 11:45. See, I have a plan. 

Doomtree (12:45-1:30, Sounstage)

Doomtree bangarang. All these rappers sound the same. Except you guys (and gal). 

JEFF the Brotherhood (1:30-2:15, Playstation stage)

My friend and fabulous musician Courtney Jaye starred in their video for “Sixpack.” And if they’re good enough for CJ, they’re good enough for me. 

GIVERS (2:15-3:00, Google Play stage)

Remember when GIVERS played Cicero’s in Saint Louis? Yeah, that’ll never happen again. 

Delta Spirit (2:15-3:15, Bud Light stage)

Clearly, something’s gotta give here, as Delta Spirit and GIVERS overlap. I shall overcome by reciting John Wooden quotes in my head — “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” 

Alabama Shakes (4:15-5:15, Bud Light stage)

This is a rare band that everyone seems to love; good luck finding even a sentence of bad press about Brittany Howard. You got to hold on, Brittany, until I arrive. 

The Tallest Man On Earth (5:15-6:15, Playstation stage)

He’s never played Saint Louis, so this is my chance. The Playstation stage is officially the mecca of my existence.

LP (5:40-6:20, BMI stage)

I know very little about LP, but there is a story here. Waiting to happen. A hunch? Maybe. But I like hunches. 

Frank Ocean (8:45-9:45, Google Play stage)

I will make every effort to see Frank Ocean live. It was written in my plan. 


Gary Clark Jr. (3:15-4:15, Playstation stage)

Friends, we’re starting out late today, only because I know better. And I’ll be ready to go by the time Mr. Clark Jr. rips into “Bright Lights. 

Of Monsters and Men (6:00-6:45, Google Play stage)

They came from Iceland. I came from Saint Louis. Sounds like a deal to me.

Miike Snow (7:15-8:15, Sony stage)

They came from Sweden. I came from Saint Louis. Sweet. 

Jack White (8:15-10:00, Red Bull Soundstage)

You can’t make me like Jack White’s solo album, but I am no fool. This is the easiest call I’ll make all weekend. The plan has spoken.

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