Jam of the Day | Tobacco (Featuring Beck) – Fresh Hex

While doing my homework for this post, I began to realize just how important Beck has been to my musical path. I mean, he was initially decorated as the voice of my generation, crystallizing much of the post-modern ruckus of the alternative explosion, but in unexpected ways.

His foray into electronic music seemed like a misstep initially, but these days you can flip on the ol’ Internet radio and hear fifty songs that sound like they were stolen from Midnight Vultures.

Today’s Jam of the Day, Fresh Hex, takes me back to those late ’90s Beck albums. It’s a swirling mix of heavily distorted melodies laid on top of hip-hop beats. It features a water drop that actually makes me want more water drops in my music from now on.

Tobacco is the solo project of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Tom Fec, who seems to be the maestro of everything weird in indie rock at the moment. He drops his second LP, Manic Meat, as Tobacco next week on Anticon. And with song titles like “Nuclear Waste Aerobics,” “Mexican Ice Cream,” and “Constellation Dirtbike Head,” it should be mind-bending…in a great way.

Tobacco (Featuring Beck) – Fresh Hex

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