Annie Stela’s ‘Hard City/Little House’ Released Via Macy’s & American Rag

I tell ya, that Annie Stela always has something up her sleeve. Besides currently offering to play a show this summer at your house, Stela released two fine EPs in 2009 — Hard City and Little House — and they both blew my mind. But what’s this? They’re being combined? And you can get a free copy at Macy’s?

Believe it!

Here are the details:

On Monday, April 5, Macy’s and American Rag will release Hard City/Little House by emerging artist Annie Stela as part of an exciting new program created by FILTER Creative Group and Macy’s private brand American Rag. In addition to a feature article in American Rag’s RAGGED Magazine, free CDs will be available in Macy’s stores nationwide beginning April 5, 2010.

Alongside her sophomore album, Annie will release the covers EP, William, which will be available for free on her website in April, 2010. Tracks on Hard City/Little House include:

1. Those Kind of Guys
2. Heart
3. Clean It Up
4. Swallowed Snakes
5. Little House
6. Nothing Left
7. Better That Way
8. On the Sleeping Porch

Visit your local Macy’s store starting April 5 to find Hard City/Little House exclusively at American Rag counters and get a free PDF download of RAGGED Magazine at

And be sure to check out our interview we did with Annie earlier this year!

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