Jam of the Day | Twerps – Coast to Coast

Twerps, the awesomely-named band of joeys from Melbourne, have been doing some growing up since the last time we heard from them. Previously a group on the ’50s-influenced garage pop bandwagon, they’re now on the path to righteousness, embracing a new, roots-driven, guitar pop vibe.

Complete with jangly guitars and strings, our Jam of the Day, “Coast to Coast,” is an unexpectedly deep ditty. And while they are growing up and becoming a more mature band, things still don’t sound overly polished. It’s a great next step musically and leaves the door wide open to keep us interested for what’s coming next from these guys.

Pick up their new eponymous album here and download “Coast to Coast” below.

Twerps – Coast to Coast

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