Jam of the Day | Vanaprasta – Nine Equals Nine

When I listen to “Nine Equals Nine,” I feel chaos. I’m in a car, speeding down the freeway. It’s pouring, I can’t see what’s in front of me, but I can feel everything. The trees are swaying in the wind, there are sirens, I can sense I’m somewhere I’ve never been. My heart is racing; I’m late for something important. And then, just as the clouds scatter, and I see blue sky, everything is clear at once. And then I wake up.

There is a dreamlike quality to Vanaprasta’s music. There is distance in the sound they create; it feels like an experiment where there is little control, and everything is mixed together. You’re left feeling like something has washed over you, like your heart is still brand new.

Vanaprasta will release their debut album, Healthy Geometry, on November 1st. Have a listen to today’s Jam of the Day below.

Vanaprasta – Nine Equals Nine

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