Jam of the Day | White Cascade – Candy

Not unlike that little train we all learned about, Raleigh’s White Cascade is slowly building steam to make it up that sizable hill that peaks at the pinnacle of the Triangle’s music scene. And by building on the sonically challenging songs they’ve previously recorded, their focus seems to be shifting effortlessly into the more perfunctory realms of shoegaze. It can be enjoyed as much as it is experienced.

Perhaps the best example of this is the first single, “Candy,” from the second EP, curiously entitled EP2 (jokes)! Immediately accessible, and downright entrancing, the song’s fuzzed out guitars rotate circularly throughout the song, as the drums hold things down and keep the song from spiraling to someplace far less pleasant.

EP2 is out TODAY. Pick it up right here for just $3. Or, for those of you in the Raleigh area, get your ass on out to King’s tonight, and pick up a limited edition copy of it for your very own.  Who knows.  It could be a collector’s item sooner than you think.

Chug chug, boys.

White Cascade – Candy

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