Jam of the Day | Yuck – Coconut Bible

A Speakers in Code Infomercial

Speakers: Like good music? Sure. We all do. But what if I told you an album will soon be released that, while immediately accessible and familiar, has the potential to not only be immensely satisfying but to rock your freaking world? Would you like that?

Audience: Yeeeeees!

Speakers: Well, what if I also told you that, while listening, you will hear sounds that hearken back to early Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. with a little Pixies, Nada Surf, and Beulah thrown in for good measure? Would that pique your interest? 

Audience: Shit yes, it would!

Speakers: That’s what I thought. Well. Let me introduce you to Yuck.

Audience: Yuck?

Speakers: That’s right Yuck. The UK band that is taking the indie rock world by storm. Let me tell you a little more about them.

Audience: Okay!

Speakers: Over this past year, Yuck has emerged as one of the best and brightest new bands around, not to mention one of the most mercurial and unpredictable. Far from following any set patterns, it has instead forged its own path and cultivated a fervently devoted fanbase in the process.

That awesomely ambitious streak is catapulted directly into your ear-holes on its hotly anticipated debut album which showcases a band capable of sprinting off in pretty much any direction you can think of.

Audience: Oooh…

Speakers: But, that’s not all! They are on tour through the U.S. right now and will be playing Local 506 in Chapel Hill this Sunday, January 30th with another white-hot band, Smith Westerns! We will be there and deliver a review next week for those who cannot attend.

[Audience applauds!]
Speakers: For now though, check out the album b-side, and our Jam of the Day, “Coconut Bible” below.  It’ll give you a little taste of the good things to come!

Coconut Bible by Yuck

(Apologies to Tympanogram for originally hotlinking and giving no credit.)

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