Jam of the Day | Zach Vinson – A Simple Verse

Nashville singer-songwriter Zach Vinson strips it down to just a guitar, his warm and sweet voice, and the straightforward and beautiful message of the lyrics of “A Simple Verse” — a song about loving someone and missing someone and knowing someone, a song as simple as the title and as beautiful as something far more complex. Some things in life, like love, are complicated, and some things in life, like love, are simple. Some days I just want a plain and honest song that says exactly what it means and what I’m feeling, and this Friday morning, that’s Zach Vinson and his guitar and his simple verse.

I’ve had a complicated couple of years, and couple of months, and couple of weeks, and this week, everything complicated that’s been occupying my mind is suddenly fixed, freed up, lifted — for the first time in a long time, life seems simple, and this is the perfect song for that.

“A Simple Verse” is from Vinson’s new EP, How We Spend Our Days, just came out on June 2. Check out “A Simple Verse” below, and the EP is available here.

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