Jam of the Day | Josh Ritter – Hopeful

Photo by Laura Wilson

I met someone new now I know I deserved
I never met someone who loves the world more than her

Josh Ritter’s upcoming The Beast In Its Tracks is a unique breakup album, a Blood On The Tracks without an “Idiot Wind.” Not that it lacks anger — Ritter takes his shots here and there, but the venom is dispersed in controlled amounts, much like drugs that are prescribed to us with a stern warning: do not take more than six pills in a twenty-four hour period. Nowhere on The Beast In Its Tracks does Ritter go for the kill, and that’s smart.

Instead, we’re left with hope, and today’s Jam of the Day, “Hopeful.” You can catch Ritter and the Royal City Band at Plush in St. Louis on April 20th.

Hit play on the orange Streampad player at the bottom!Josh Ritter – Hopeful
Josh Ritter – Hopeful

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