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A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to Irish born singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow and his impeccable single, “If I Had a Boat.” McMorrow’s debut record, Early in the Morning, will be released here in the U.S. tomorrow on Vagrant Records. We were able to catch up with James as he prepares for a UK tour this February. He kindly offered us a quick peek into what songs are currently on his playlist and why he is digging said tunes.

This is James Vincent McMorrow’s 10 to Spin:

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

This record is going to be something I listen to for a long, long time. His voice is stunning, and I always admire a musician who embraces the space in a song rather than trying to fill it up with sounds just for the sake of it.

Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home

This new album sounds like a real departure. I can hear the Brian Deck production all over it. Sounds like an amazing record he did last year for his band, Califone. Sam Beam is the best lyricist around, in my humble opinion.

Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place

The way she arranges her harmonies is staggering. My love of stacked harmony is well documented, but the things she does with her voice absolutely baffle me.

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

She performed this song before me at a TV show taping in France earlier in the year; it just grabbed me from the first bar. She writes the best pop songs.

Kanye West – All of the Lights

The heaviness of the production on this song is brilliant. The drums are almost uncomfortably harsh. He’s just got such a relentless vision for his work, so uncompromising.

Menomena – Dirty Cartoons

Mines was my favourite record from last year, and this was my favourite song off that record. I listen to it every time I’m on my way back home from being away, and it hits me like a freight train every single time.

Joanna Newsom – Jackrabbits

She is up there with Sam Beam as a lyricist; the stories and pictures she paints are so vivid and perfectly coloured.

The Low Anthem – Ghost Woman Blues

Their first record was a real grower for me. Once I got it, I really got it. This song is so ornate and delicate that it should be in a museum!

The Walkmen – Blue as Your Blood

Best guitar sound I’ve heard in the longest time; it’s like a modern day sun recording. Saw them in Dublin late last year…truly a sight to behold.

Bruce Springsteen – Someday (We’ll Be Together)

The fact that he wrote this and then decided it wasn’t good enough at the time is baffling, but then that’s why he’s Bruce Springsteen and none of us are! You could spend a lifetime trying to write a song as good as this and not get even close to it.

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