Jam of the Day | Oh Land – Cherry On Top

And all you ever dreamed of, it ain’t enough
You’ll never fill that hole with the cherry on top

On her Facebook page, Danish singer/producer Nanna Øland Fabricius gives a glimpse of her intention for her music: “I think that Oh Land has a unique landscape all on its own. I strive to make the possibilities endless.” Oh Land raises the barre on Wish Bone, her new album out this week. She performs balletic sonic moves with attitude, gracefully turning battements of electronic drums to piano pirouettes. I love Nanna the most when she slows the beat down and lets her vocals stretch elegantly into an emotional arabesque. Oh Land’s perfectly on point in “Cherry On Top.”

Oh Land will be performing at Blueberry’s Hill’s Duck Room on October 5th. You can purchase tickets here.

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