Katie Cole (The Interview)

She’s got the voice. She’s got the looks. She’s got the catchy songs. Yeah, you could say native Australian singer-songwriter Katie Cole has a lot going for her these days. Let’s have a quick look/listen.

Whew. Let me catch my breath.


2010 could end up being a breakthrough year for Ms. Cole as she’s been recording in L.A. with producer Howard Willing, getting her debut album, Melodiem, ready for the world. The pop/rock artist is sure to turn a few heads along the way; I know I’m excited to hear the finished product.

Luckily, Katie took some time to answer a few questions for us. Let’s learn a little more about this Aussie star-in-the-making, shall we?

1. Many of our readers are probably new to your music. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I am a songwriter/singer originally from Melbourne, Australia, now living in Los Angeles, USA. I guess my main genre and style of music is “pop/rock,” but that can mean anything these days, right? It could be Icelandic rap with dance beats underneath…hehe…but in my case…pop/rock, for me, means influences of KT Tunstall, The Beatles, Coldplay, and Sheryl Crow. Uplifting pop with elements of rock and folk. Strong songs, hooky melodies, and good storytelling.

2. I understand you’re recording right now. How is that going for you? When can we hear your album?

I LOVE recording. Did I stress that enough? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE recording! Haha. On my debut record, Melodiem, I have been working very closely with Producer Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, Ok Go). Every part of the recording process is amazing to me. Even the tiring, frustrating, inspiring, hilarious discussions, and last minute changes to songs. And believe me, lots of things happen “on the fly” in the studio.

For all artists, recording usually poses a challenge. First off, it involves the songwriting and re-writing, song selection, then…finally…the production, vocal recording, mixing, and mastering. Working with Howard is great. He is perhaps crazier than me…and will push the limits of my skills and ability, which I hate at the time, but love in the end. It’s like having a coach. If it’s easy for you, you probably aren’t pushing and stretching far enough.

There can be many people involved in the whole record-making process, so you end up having to find a common focus through many different creative ears/eyes and seek out that common goal. I am finishing up one more song currently, then I am done. Yay. Pat on the back for everyone. I should have something released by summer 2010. In the meantime, you can hear some music on my website, www.katiecoleofficial.com.

3. Your MySpace page tells us that your “earliest childhood memories are of my mother blasting Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and The Beatles.” Can you talk a little but more about those memories?

Haha. Yeah, my Mum is rad!!! I have so many memories of clicking the gate open, walking down her driveway, and just hearing the unmistakable rumble of rock music gradually getting louder as I approached the front door. I grew up watching many live concerts, musical theatre, and just appreciating music in all of its aspects. She taught me to sit and listen to an entire record, and to this day, she still will pop a CD on and sit next to her stereo and listen to it… ALL. My entire family was really musical, so my older sister and I grew up playing instruments/singing and never thought twice about it. It was only when I would spend time at a friend’s place, and they would play board games or sports…it never really computed until those moments with friends, that my home life was radically different.

4. You’re from Melbourne, Australia, but now you’re living in L.A. How crazy is that? Tell us a little bit about the two cities, from your perspective.

Moving from Melbourne to Los Angeles was a big decision. I had been over to L.A. to record twice previously, but soon realized I needed to BE THERE in order to shift my career into gear. Melbourne is great, and will always be home to me. It’s a really European city full of great food, coffee, art, and industry. It’s considered to be one of the greatest cities in the world to live. I agree, but for me, L.A. is more supportive of pop music and fashion. Both highly related industries. Most of my favourite artists are American, and many from California, so in retrospect, it was a natural move that I would end up here. As soon as I stepped foot here in L.A. and saw some live shows…. I knew this town was for me. So, essentially, one LONG flight, three suitcases and guitar, overweight baggage charges later, I landed at LAX….it was all pretty sudden. But when I make up my mind about something, I move fast.

5. Finally, if I were to visit Melbourne for one day, where should I go? What should I see?

Oh, you should totally go to a to Flinders Street Station and watch across to the Yarra River. Take the free tram around the city circle. There are some (that go to) a city called St Kilda. It’s on the beach and has great restaurants, shopping, and night life. Order a meal with Fresh Australian seafood like prawns, fish, or Moreton Bay Bugs (tastes between lobster and crawfish, but are native to Queensland, Australia). I would also recommend something really simple…just go to a local bakery and order a meat pie. There are great local bakeries everywhere! Meat pie, steak, and mushroom pie…shepherd’s pie…you can’t go wrong. It’s simple, but something very Australian.

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