Pajammy Jam of the Day | Act As If – There’s a Light

I don’t know how you’re moving forward
When you look frozen to me

There’s a song on Neil Young’s self-titled debut solo album called “Here We Are In The Years,” and in it, Young basically questions everything that he’s observed around him. I’ve always thought it was a song about the transient nature of life—that the surest of things will soon fade into question, and eventually be forgotten. “It’s insane,” Young sings.

I bring this up because today’s PJOTD has that same sort of questioning surrounding it. But, instead of justifiably claiming insanity, frontman Peter Verdell, pictured above, sees another road ahead. No matter how many things we let go, no matter how many things that slip from our hands, there is always the next thing. The next bigger thing. That’s the vision of Verdell’s world, and whether or not it’s more insane than Young’s, I tend to like it.

Act As If’s debut LP, There’s a Light, was released in the spring of 2010. Go on and purchase a copy after you’ve listened to the title track below.


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