Pajammy Jam of the Day | Banjo or Freakout – 105

Photo credit: Robert Bellamy

Banjo or Freakout is Alessio Natalizia, an Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer living in London. You might know his previous work: remixes and reworks for such bands as Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem, The Soft Pack, and Bombay Bicycle Club. Today’s JOTD, though, is synthy, folky, shoegaze-y pop all his own. 

Named “105” because it was Natalizia’s 105th demo for the new album, this is the perfect track for our collective – yet perhaps unwilling – transition into the winter months, particularly because it seems that all the world has gone dark.

On top of shimmering guitars, Natalizia sings, “I was seriously thinking of going to sleep…” The lyric makes this twilight lullaby all the more apropos. We are on the edge of hibernation, we will all be unconscious soon enough. But, we’ll make sure to listen to “105” in between sleeps. 

Banjo or Freakout – 105

The self-titled debut album is due out in early 2011.

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