Jam of the Day | Adele – Rolling in the Deep

We could’ve had it all.

There is a moment in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary where Louis Creed almost goes insane. His son, Gage, has just died, and he’s imagining what could have been – Gage growing up, Gage getting married…basically, the rest of Gage’s life. It’s all right there so vividly, except, of course, it will never happen. It’s some of King’s best writing, and if I could share it all with you here, I would. 

This might have nothing to do with Adele and her upcoming album, 21. But, for me, it has everything to do with today’s rousing JOTD, “Rolling in the Deep.” It’s a song about scars, love, and yearning for what could have been. The life after the death. The unknown that we still imagine.

Somehow, it never goes away.

We could’ve had it all.

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