Pajammy Jam of the Day | Hannah Miller – O Black River

Photo by Caleb Chancey

O Black River
O Black River
Come wash over me

Music can be oh-so healing at times, especially during this time of year when winter is slowly knocking on our door. We’re reminded that the ground will start to freeze, the birds won’t soon greet us with their voices in the morning, and our lives will begin to settle as we wait for spring, when a new cycle of life will show its colors.

Whenever I hear Hannah Miller’s soothing voice, I’m reminded that we should embrace being re-born. There comes a time when we need to slow down, to remember why life is great, and how we can make it better. That’s where today’s PJOTD comes in: its message speaks of surrender — the kind that washes over us and leaves us without our possessions, freeing us from a life that was once rushed.

Miller’s new EP, O Black River, is available on iTunes now. Here’s the title track for you to enjoy.

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