Pajammy Jam of the Day | Thunder Power – Heartifact

Don’t let the name fool you: Thunder Power definitely does not dally in the earsplitting death metal scene. Instead, this Omaha band creates warm and cheery indie pop, reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian and matt pond PA. For me, I’m more than happy it’s the latter.

Their single, “Heartifact,” is crazy catchy, using both bells and singer, Kacynna Tompsett’s, vocal stylings to kick the easy, breezy lyrics up a couple of notches. But…just a couple. After all, it’s Thunder Power’s natural simplicity that grabs my attention.
Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or concentration to appreciate what Thunder Power does. Lately, I have found myself listening to “Heartifact” on repeat and falling into the band’s delicately-crafted sunshine. I’d be willing to bet you’re ready for some sunshine, as well.

Hearts Intersect, a split EP with The 1959 Hat Company, comes out on March 9, 2010 on Slumber Party Records. Check out Thunder Power’s Daytrotter session from last summer here.

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